For the past 12 years, Elite Private Tutors has helped families through the daunting processing of process of pre-K and kindergarten admissions. We have created Elite Edge strategies that help your child succeed in the competitive process, and ensure your child receive the early education that they deserve.

Our Elite Edge Strategies focus on:

1. Observation: Enhance appropriate emotions and social skills for interviews
2. WPPSI Strategies
3. Building critical thinking skills
4. Enhance motor skills through hands-on activities
5. Aid in early reading, writing, and vocabulary skills
6. Handle parents’ questions about the entire process
7. Consult parents’ on the correct school of choice based on their child
8. Games and fun for the child while teaching self-confidence and school readiness
9. Top Ten Tips for parents on interview/observation/test day

Our Elite Edge Kindergarten Admissions Coaches are driven and love working with younger children. Their strength lies in making the material fun and engaging, all while feeling like an older sibling. Our Coaches are incredible at motivating students throughout the entire process to enjoy new situations and foster feelings self-confidence and excitement about learning.

Our EEKAC program starts with a free initial consultation with our internal team. Parents will explain their current stage in the entire admissions process, discuss expectations, voice concerns, and pose all questions. We will also go over any current assessment or exams that have already been taken, and analysis of those will be used moving forward. Based on this consultation, we will move forward and identify EEKAC customized program goals for your child and specifying a perfect coach.

Our goal is to make sure that students do not walk in without preparation, and feel comfortable in the observation room and testing room by making sure they are confident and familiar with what they are going to be faced with. We understand that many students only have one chance, and we are determined to make that chance count!

If you are interested in working with us, we interview every single family to ensure you are the right fit for our exclusive tutoring program. Please fill out this 2 minute application to request a time to discuss your needs. If you are the right fit, we will contact you regarding an interview.