Our elite tutoring team specializes in one-on-one academic coaching, personal coaching, test prep, and college consulting. Our tutors go through the most rigorous tutor training program – learning how to be charismatic, enthusiastic, and patient with our students. Some of them have completed over 2,000 hours of tutoring. We believe in making sure our tutors are mentors and can relate with your child to inspire them to succeed in school!  We also believe in making sure your child is in a safe and protected environment, and have performed a detailed background check on ALL of our tutors.

Various Team Members Have Had These Qualifications:

  • Have attended Harvard
  • Have attended top 10 schools across the country
  • Top 10% at Episcopal High School
  • Graduates of St. Johns School
  • All Honors and AP at Episcopal High School
  • Graduates of River Oaks Baptist School
  • Graduates of University of Texas at Austin Plan II Honors Program
  • Graduates of Rice University
  • Graduates of Rice University Business School
  • Graduates of Baylor College of Medicine
  • Entrepreneurs with “get it done” attitude
  • Commencement speakers at their high school graduations
  • Have helped students get into top colleges through our college admissions program process
  • Have helped students raise grades from D to A+
  • Have helped students on academic probation
  • Have helped students who left school for long periods of time


…and more! Our team has seen it, and done it all. We want to make it easier for parents to enjoy their kids and enjoy family time, rather than trying to be experts at every aspect of their child’s educational career.

Meet Our Team

The greatest team in the whole world


Neha Gupta

Founder & CEO

Neha’s no-nonsense approach helps students dive beneath the surface of superficial application answers to express their unique story and stand out in the crowd – earning them the education they deserve.

With over 15 years of results-driven, dedicated education advancement, Neha Gupta founded College Shortcuts as a way to help students reach their greatest potential with ease.

Having always used her entrepreneurial skills in the educational space, Neha has helped thousands of students navigate the college admissions and college applications process with her concierge-level service. She has developed programs and strategies that are guaranteed to give aspiring college students the results they desire, in the shortest amount of time.

Speed and efficiency is the name of the game for Neha, and so is lending her many talents to multiple causes. Neha has volunteered with Tony Robbins, Habitat for Humanity, and speaks to students across the country about taking control of their educational career.

Neha is also an author, recently publishing The Four Year Plan, and has had work published in publications across the globe. She is also the owner and founder of Elite Private Tutors, one of the best tutoring agencies in the country.



Academic Coach

A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Texas at Austin, Nicklette is a powerhouse. She loves students that light up and get it when she teaches. She has a love for theater and the arts and her top subjects are math, English, history, test prep, and science.

Coach Blake


Academic Coach

A graduate of Rice University with a degree in the hardest major at Rice – Bioengineering. He is insightful, resourceful and dedicated to helping children identify and enhance their unique potential for academic and personal achievement. He is a diligent educator who blends innovative and traditional methods to produce a solid foundation for lifelong learning. He combines challenge and fun to create a stimulating learning environment that promotes scholastic and social development. He is your well-rounded tutor that loves all subjects.



Academic Coach

After earning a perfect score on his SAT as a high school junior, Alex started tutoring for The Princeton Review when he entered college. He’s been helping people beat these tests ever since then. After rising through the ranks to become a Premier Tutor for The Princeton Review, he’s excited to add his expertise and experience to the Elite Private Tutors team.



Academic Coach

Noah is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins studying Economics and International Studies. Originally from New York City, he graduated in 2016 from Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes NJ in the top 5% of his class. At Ramapo he was Captain of Debate Team, where he was the top scoring competitor in the North Jersey Debate League, President of Model UN Club, Secretary and co-Founder of Quiz Bowl, and a National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar.

Image 3 Val


Academic Coach

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, Valerie is now working towards her new passion. With hopes to be a teacher someday, she is working hard to get her Teaching Certification in Core Subjects, grades 4-8. She has a strong work ethic and loves working with students to inspire them to be their best selves.



Academic Coach

Joe is a sophomore at Cornell University from Long Island. Majoring in Computer Science, he has always loved problem solving. In his spare time, Joe likes to program, hike, and watch Netflix. He has tutored since his freshman year of high school, and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for learning with others. One day he hopes to be able to use the skills he has learned to help those in need.



Academic Coach

After attending Texas A&M University, Ayesha has come home eager to teach young minds. She’s got a passion for working with English and History and loves to see a child’s expression light up as they finally master content they were previously struggling with. If you’ve got a child in Jr High, Ayesha is perfect person to tutor your child.

Business Card Picture Claire Hunt


Academic Coach

With over 25 years of tutoring experience, Claire is one of our top English specialists on our team. Whether you need help with grammar, spelling, paper writing, essay editing, she is your point person. She has excelled heavily in GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, and ACT in the English section. Having worked at over 32 agencies, we are very excited to have her as part of one our experts on our team.



Editorial Strategist

Dominic currently attends Cornell University in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations. He has been involved in politics since 2013, when he volunteered on a local Assembly race in his legislative district. Since then, he has gone on to work for Senator Cory Booker and high-profile campaigns such as the 5th Congressional District races in 2014 and 2016. He is currently working for Parano and Associates, a political consulting firm, as the Deputy Millennial Outreach and Intern Program Director and is looking forward to electing Philip Murphy as the Governor of New Jersey in the 2017 General Election. Dominic combines his political experiences with an out of the box approach to work with college applicants on presenting themselves in the best light.



Editorial Strategist

Natalie is a Literature and Writing graduate with further work towards her Master’s in Education. Natalie has taught all ages of students, but prefers to work with high schoolers. She finds her true passions to lie in the art of working with the written word. Natalie is a native Californian, but has studied abroad in Oxford, England and Hawaii. Her roots are established in Southern California where she visits the local library frequently and paddle boards with her small tribe of tiny humans. Natalie hopes to one-day-soon be a published novelist, but in the meantime she is passionate about helping students begin their own amazing college adventure.



Editorial Strategist

Stephanie is an editor for College Shortcuts and has a great love for anything English related. She is currently a graduate student and holds a B.A. in English. Stephanie aspires to spread her love of grammar and the English language to all the students she helps. 



Editorial Strategist

The most world-renowned writers have editors, so why would you send off your college essays without one?  Susanne, a former middle, high school and college teacher in a New York City and south Florida, earned a master’s degree from New York University in education and creative writing. Believing that the importance of a well-written essay, a student’s one and only chance to come off the page as more than test scores and resumes, often brews unnecessary pressure; Susanne relishes the chance to bring peace to the world by alleviating some of the college application stresses.

IMG_1761 edit



She is your go to for any accounting questions you may have in regards to your account with us. She is our numbers gal who can help you solve any math problem you may have.



Social Media Manager

April manages the College Shortcuts website and social media pages, ensuring that fresh and highly informative content is curated properly to reach our huge community. She ensures the we keep proper interaction with our online followers and sees to it that updates are made regularly.April is greatly passionate about the team’s advocacy to guide and help parents and children in acquiring the best education possible as she herself values it very much

Changing lives starts with the belief that the well-being of mothers and children is the key to a healthier world. As a partner with Vitamin Angels, we are committed to changing the malnutrition of children around the world. Any purchase made on our site will be donated towards our trip to India to help malnutrition children.

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