Our elite tutoring team specializes in one-on-one academic coaching, personal coaching, test prep, and college consulting. Our tutors go through the most rigorous tutor training program – learning how to be charismatic, enthusiastic, and patient with our students. Some of them have completed over 2,000 hours of tutoring. We believe in making sure our tutors are mentors and can relate with your child to inspire them to succeed in school!  We also believe in making sure your child is in a safe and protected environment, and have performed a detailed background check on ALL of our tutors.

Various Team Members Have Had These Qualifications:

  • Have attended Harvard
  • Have attended top 10 schools across the country
  • Top 10% at Episcopal High School
  • Graduates of St. Johns School
  • All Honors and AP at Episcopal High School
  • Graduates of River Oaks Baptist School
  • Graduates of University of Texas at Austin Plan II Honors Program
  • Graduates of Rice University
  • Graduates of Rice University Business School
  • Graduates of Baylor College of Medicine
  • Entrepreneurs with “get it done” attitude
  • Commencement speakers at their high school graduations
  • Have helped students get into top colleges through our college admissions program process
  • Have helped students raise grades from D to A+
  • Have helped students on academic probation
  • Have helped students who left school for long periods of time


…and more! Our team has seen it, and done it all. We want to make it easier for parents to enjoy their kids and enjoy family time, rather than trying to be experts at every aspect of their child’s educational career.

Meet Our Team

The greatest team in the whole world


Neha Gupta

Founder & CEO

Neha Gupta is a two time best-selling author, top 100 teen expert, speaker, and minority female business owner. Over the last 12 years she has built both Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts, both with a mission to serve families and make parents’ lives easier every day.

She has been featured on ABC as an expert for teenagers, NBC, the Washington Post, Parents Magazine, and even coined “the female that helps students get six figures in scholarships” according to Student Loan Hero. She has been featured as well in India West and Voice of Asia and over 100 publications, podcasts, and interviews.

Gupta’s businesses serve families globally with an audience of over 1.1 million parents worldwide listening and reading her work. She has spoken on corporate and school stages such as UCLA, KPMG, Rice University, and has impacted over 77,000 students in the last 12 years through her passion to inspire the youth.

Gupta is passionate about social entrepreneurship, and has partnered with World Teacher Aid to build a school in Nairobi, Kenya her late father’s name for students to follow their dreams. In addition, she has contributed to Vitamin Angels to serve underserved communities in India to give vitamins to children. She believes as a female business owner, that giving back is crucial to any organization and it empowers children to become global citizens of the world. Her dream is to take 1,000 students and build 100 schools across the world to inspire children to be true contributors of society.

A life long learner, Gupta graduated from Rice University, a top 15 school in the country according to US News World and Report, as well as attended classes at Harvard University. She has also graduated from the Robbins Research Foundation and has personally met Tony Robbins, who has impacted millions of lives. In addition, she has been invited as a teen expert at Global Youth Leadership Summit both in San Diego, CA and Mumbai, India. She has been interviewed by Oprah’s parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Gupta is highly passionate about women’s empowerment, making mothers’ lives easier, and childhood education.

Gupta personally hand picks every single person on her team and oversees every client that goes through her programs and is passionate about every child’s life she touches.



Head of Client Happiness
William grew up in the small town of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, where he enjoys playing golf and traveling with his family. He is a fun loving, ambitious humanitarian, with a passion for helping people achieve their dreams.
At 17, William left to the University of Victoria where he studied humanities. While at University he became the President of the Commerce Mutual Investment Club and Head of Corporate Relations for the Commerce Students Society. At University, William became obsessed with business and decided to leave early to help start his very first full-time venture called TeamPages, which later sold to Active Sports Networks for a reported $2,500,000CND. At 23, William left to Malaysia to join a very fast growing startup company called Mindvalley Inc., which he joined as a Event Director for the AwesomenessFest project. While at Mindvalley William served on the leadership committee and was responsible for helping to start a number of highly successful global ventures and has managed sales of over seven figures. William’s passion for children and sales has helped College Shortcuts to grow over 100% in the last 12 months.
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Enrollment Director
Duke University undergraduate and masters degree. Rockstar mentor with 7 years experience, focused on science and medicine career tracks, medical internships and shadow opportunities, essay strategy and review, and interview coaching.


Chief Technology Officer

Cecile is the CTO of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors. A ninja at anything development related, she has helped to develop our website, online courses, and any page that you see on this very site. She brings over 10 years of experience to our team, and serves as a front end and back end developer for sites that helps to ensure College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors is effectively serving our audience. She creates elegant and original designs, writes code, and offers the highest quality in customer support.



Head of Online Marketing

Brice has worked over the last ten years in helping to create brand awareness and engagement. Brice specializes in helping College Shortcuts reach over 1 million parents online every year. After creating his own successful online business, he discovered the power of online advertising and marketing.



Editorial Strategist

Natalie is a Literature and Writing graduate with further work towards her Master’s in Education. Natalie has taught all ages of students, but prefers to work with high schoolers. She finds her true passions to lie in the art of working with the written word. Natalie is a native Californian, but has studied abroad in Oxford, England and Hawaii. Natalie has edited over 1,000 essays and is extremely detailed in her work. She has helped numerous students get into over 200 colleges over the last few years. She believes that all students can get in with the right editor by their side.



Editorial Strategist

The most world-renowned writers have editors, so why would you send off your college essays without one?  Susanne, a former middle, high school and college teacher in a New York City and south Florida, earned a master’s degree from New York University in education and creative writing. Believing that the importance of a well-written essay, a student’s one and only chance to come off the page as more than test scores and resumes, often brews unnecessary pressure; Susanne relishes the chance to bring peace to the world by alleviating some of the college application stresses.



Public Relations and Media Specialist

Natasha is our public relations specialist who keeps in contact with media, speaking engagements, and the press. She has written globally for top newspapers, Forbes, and much more. She has gotten us featured in major publications, podcasts, and helps to build our brand awareness globally from America, Europe, Central America, and Asia.  People and their stories have always been her biggest passion. She loves to facilitate meaningful connections and enjoys the look of confidence and excitement in people eyes when their story is heard by the right people.



Head of Social Media

April manages the College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors website and social media pages, ensuring that fresh and highly informative content is curated properly to reach our huge community. She ensures the we keep proper interaction with our online followers and sees to it that updates are made regularly. April is greatly passionate about the team’s advocacy to guide and help parents and children in acquiring the best education possible as she herself values it very much. If you see comments on our social media pages – it is her focusing on helping parents and students in achieving their dreams.

Changing lives starts with the belief that the well-being of mothers and children is the key to a healthier world. As a partner with Vitamin Angels, we are committed to changing the malnutrition of children around the world. Any purchase made on our site will be donated towards our trip to India to help malnutrition children.

If you are interested in working with us, we interview every single family to ensure you are the right fit for our exclusive tutoring program. Please fill out this 2 minute application to request a time to discuss your needs. If you are the right fit, we will contact you regarding an interview.