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e·lite: noun: a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.

Let’s make your child a superior learner.


How does Elite Private stand out from an experience perspective?

Industry standard in tutoring: you call the tutoring company, they send your request to over 100 tutors or more, and allows the tutor to do all the scheduling – which results in no-shows, last minute cancellations, and no involvement with the company. We handle scheduling, we have a mobile app to book appointments within four clicks, and our owner is deeply involved to make sure that our clients are happy. We also have a dedicated text line throughout the evening and e-mail to handle any customer service issues. Elite is our way of life.

Which grades does Elite Private Tutors provide tutoring services for?

We work with students from Pre-K all the way up through graduation day in college and beyond.

Which subjects do you offer help with?

We offer tutoring in all subjects such as English, Math, Science, and History. We offer Spanish and French language support for students needed assistance with their foreign language classes. In addition, we offer standardized test preparation, college consulting, and personal coaching. Please review our Services to find the entire list of subjects we cover.

How long are Elite Private Tutor sessions?

Sessions begin at a minimum of one hour and can last up to two hours. If the tutor stays less than one hour, the session is still counted as a one hour session. Any sessions that last longer than one hour are measured by fifteen minute increments.  Usually, our students prefer a 90-minute session to cover all items and questions.

What is the Elite Private Tutors cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session, kindly login to our online portal and cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. For missed or late cancellations within 24 hours, the regular appointment fee will apply.

How quickly can I hire a tutor for my child?

Please visit our Contact Us page to sign up and we will contact you immediately to set up a time for your child to meet with one of our professionals. We can usually deliver a tutor within 24 hours if needed.

What if our tutor is not a good fit for us?

Although this does not happen often at Elite Private Tutors, if you feel that your tutor is not a good fit for your child’s needs, please contact our office. The sooner you make us aware, the sooner we can respond by providing a different expert for your child.

May I pay the tutor directly?

Please do not pay the tutor directly as our office processes all payments. In addition, our tutors are not to accept gifts or tips.

If you are interested in working with us, we interview every single family to ensure you are the right fit for our exclusive tutoring program. Please fill out this 2 minute application to request a time to discuss your needs. If you are the right fit, we will contact you regarding an interview.