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In the modern world, we hire assistants to help us in the workplace. Coaches to keep us motivated and focused in our careers.  Consultants to help us make our biggest decisions.

It’s teamwork that keeps us strong – so why not give your child the power of a devoted and professional academic confidante?

At Elite Private Tutors, we pride ourselves on offering tutoring services at the most elite level, either virtually or on a one-on-one level. We are the team that helps your child fulfill and surpass their educational goals, from four years old through their first day of college. Our Elite tutoring team specializes in one-on-one academic coaching, personal coaching, test preparation, and college consulting. Our tutors embark on a rigorous training program, are background checked, and have over 2,000 hours of tutoring experience.

We believe in making sure our tutors function as positive mentors for your child, and can inspire them to succeed both in and out of school!

How We Work

What People Say

``What Real Parents And Students Have To Say About Elite Private Tutors``



“I have been with Elite Private Tutors for 6 years. It made my relationship with my child stronger.”


Mom from MHS
“They go well beyond the call of duty to specialize for my child. They are mentors and know how to encourage my child to achieve above their levels.”


Mom of 4
“Elite Private Tutors was recommended by the Academic Dean. My child made honor roll!”


Mom of 4
“It’s not blanket tutoring. The personalization has focused on how my child learns and gave my child so much confidence.”

Meet our Team

Coach Blake


Academic Coach


Academic Coach


Academic Coach


Founder & CEO

If you are interested in working with us, we interview every single family to ensure you are the right fit for our exclusive tutoring program. Please fill out this 2 minute application to request a time to discuss your needs. If you are the right fit, we will contact you regarding an interview.