What is high school English?

High school English consists of many subjects, depending on what your student is currently studying in their grade. Some of these include English, Honors English, English AP, Literary English AP, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, and much more.

Why would your child need a high school English tutor in Houston?

The transition from middle school to high school is already very difficult for most students. The shift involves more subjects, longer homework nights, and much more.  There are new subjects being taught, such as Creative Writing and Literary Analysis, which are applied much more differently than the English learned in middle school and elementary school. This is one of the largest shifts for students from general middle school English to specialized subjects, and Houston high school English tutors can help with this.

Why hire a high school English tutor in Houston?

Hiring a Houston English tutor for high school students can help get your child to the next step.  Many times, students have a difficult time asking teachers questions, or do not feel comfortable with questioning the teacher. By hiring a high school English tutor your child can achieve their goals in their English career.  Your child can be more comfortable in their academic career, specifically in English.  In addition, our tutors can build their English skills to help them with reading comprehension for the SAT and ACT test. Our Reading Comprehension tutors are wonderful at teaching students how to read quicker and understand the material faster – as this skill becomes important while taking a timed test.

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