Dominique attended Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, LA where she double majored in biochemistry and biology. She then attended University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL and received her doctorate in biomedical sciences. Dominique has always been a total nerd when it comes to science. She absolutely loves to tutor chemistry but finds joy in teaching any subject. Dominique’s athletic side is evident in her passion for both soccer and tennis as they both taught her what it means to be a team player. She has always been a fan of the arts. and attended a performing arts school for six years as a theater student. Most of her awards are from her research experience and is most proud of her award for performing community service with the chemistry department. She says that if she could solve one world problem, it would be literacy. She has worked with fourth graders at the reading level of first graders so she is aware that there is a problem. “Reading is fundamental and necessary for everyone. It is the key to opening an endless stream of possibilities”

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